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Five Important Reasons for Regular Car Maintenance

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A car is just like any other machine with moving parts, components, and systems. It is built to provide optimum performance on roads. However, the performance depends on the regular maintenance and repairs. You could make use of the car repair centers in Dubai to keep your vehicle in optimal running condition. Here are five important reasons why your car requires regular maintenance:

Fluid Checks

Regular servicing and maintenance are required to ensure that the fluids used are sufficient for the optimal performance of the vehicle. This includes engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid, steering fluid, wiper fluids among others. 

Engine oil is required to lubricate the moving parts of the engine. Dirt and contaminants in oil can lead to lower performance of the engine and costly repairs. Coolant absorbs the heat generated in the engine and passes it through the radiator. Fall in coolant levels or rust can cause overheating of the engine. Similarly, brake fluids have an impact on the performance of the brake. Never try fluid replacement by yourself. It is better to entrust the task to a professional car service center.


Performance of AC

Air conditioners must perform well to provide passenger comfort in any weather condition. The Car AC consists of the refrigerant, compressor, condenser, evaporator and other important parts or components. Air filters, blowers and fans help in the proper cooling of the cabin. Leakage of refrigerant or oil in the compressor can lead to lower cooling performance. Periodic assessment by the car AC servicing centre is a must to ensure proper functioning of the AC. Such check-ups prevent costly repair or replacement of compressors or condensers. 


Fuel Costs

An automotive that is well maintained helps to conserve fuel, and saves fuel cost. The alignment of the wheels, contaminated engine oil, transmission oil and coolants can lead to increase in fuel consumption.  With increase in petrol and diesel prices, it is advisable to have periodic maintenance of the vehicle. Similarly, suspension and shock absorbers are meant to provide a comfortable journey even on bumpy and uneven roads. However, struts, weights, bearings, and components may require replacement from time. Car batteries also need sufficient voltage for optimal performance of horn, headlights, tail lamps and the electrical system. Have your batteries periodically checked and have the car battery replaced when it is due. Get your Car battery replacement done at Carcility. We are one of the most trusted Car Service Professionals in Dubai

Safety and Security

The safety and security of a vehicle is compromised when brake pads and clutch pads are not replaced before they get worn out. Insufficient brake fluids, worn out tyre and other factors could lead to poor performance of the brake. This makes your automotive unsafe for the roads and puts life at risk. Trust Carcility to help you find the best car repair centre in Dubai to take care of your routine maintenance.


Depreciation Value

Periodic maintenance, when not carried out as per schedule, can increase the depreciation value of the vehicle. Cars normally require periodic maintenance every 10,000 kilometres and therefore, trust Carcility to keep your vehicle in proper running condition. 

Periodic maintenance helps in reducing the cost involved in replacing expensive parts and components, unnecessary wear and tear of the engine and saves your time. When periodic service is not done, it may lead to costly repairs that take more time to be completed. Fortunately, Carcility, the car service centre in Dubai, can take care of your entire service requirements and repair at the most affordable price. Visit our website at