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Car Maintenance Checklist for Summer

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Summer season is ideal for taking long road trips but before undertaking any journey, it is important to check whether the car is in good condition. You should avail   only the best car service in Dubai to ensure a smooth travel. Here are some tips for summer maintenance of your car. 

AC Maintenance: A comfortable ride is not possible if the Car AC is not in good condition. Your car repair centre in Dubai could check the refrigerant levels, belt tension, compressor and condenser for any possible problems. Check your Air filter as well,as they are  responsible for ensuring supply of clean air in the cabin. 

Coolant:. The coolant plays a vital role in  keeping the car engine cool. check for coolant levels, possible leaks in the hoses and reservoir. Car service centers can also inspect the connection points and joints. If the coolant is contaminated with rust, it is time to replace it with a fresh coolant. Insufficient coolant level can lead to overheating of the engine and subsequent damage. For summer travel, coolant may be added as a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and water (always refer to the user manual before selecting the coolant. Only used manufacturer recommended coolant). Premixed coolants are also available

Tyres and Wheels

Car rides will never be smooth unless the tyres are in good condition and wheels are aligned properly. Check whether the tyres are worn out or if there is uneven wear of the tyres. If so, the wheels have to be aligned. Use a coin to determine the tread depth of a tyre. Ensure you maintain  proper tyre pressure as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.  Bear in mind that Tyre pressure varies with rising temperature. Maintaining adequate tyre pressure also helps reduce fuel consumption.  Also, the spare tyre should be in good condition in case a replacement has to be done during the journey. Take your vehicle to the best car service center near you to ensure that your tyres are in good condition.

Engine Oil

Engine oil lubricates the moving parts of the car engine.  Viscosity of the lubricant is affected by the temperature. At higher temperature the viscosity of your car engine oil decreases and in turns makes your oil thinner. Thinner oil may lead to leaks or insufficient lubrication that may lead to sludge formation.

Windshield Wipers

There can be surprise showers during summer. When water gets mixed with dirt, the windshield gets dirty and visibility is affected. The wipers need to be in good condition all the time as worn wipers can leave streaks on the windshield. If the wipers are worn out, they can be replaced at any car repair centres in Dubai. Wiper reservoirs should be filled with sufficient amount of wiper fluid.


Safety of the passengers and vehicle can only be ensured by keeping the brakes in good condition. Check the brake pad lining and brake shoe to ensure sufficient thickness. If the brake pedal has become soft or very hard and resistant, it is time to get it checked at the garage near to you.  Clutch ensures proper shifting of gears by disengaging the engine. If the clutch pedal is worn out, it can cause problems in long distance driving. Along with brake pads and shoe, clutch and gearbox can be checked. Insufficient brake fluid and gear oil can lead to poor performance of the vehicle and compromise the safety of the vehicle.

Keep your Car Clean
Ensure that your car cabin is clean before the start of the journey. It is always better to give your vehicle an interior vacuum cleaning and shampoo cleaning. The upholstery and floors may have dirt and other particles which can lead to clogging of the air conditioning system as internal air is sucked during the cooling process.