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Why you Need your Car Health Check in Upcoming Holiday Season 2022

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Holiday Season is back again. This is the time when families decide to go on a road trip to a tourist destination. However, you may need to have your car inspected at a car service in Dubai to ensure that the vehicle is in excellent condition. 

Before you take your vehicle to a garage near you, here is a checklist of essential inspections to be done before undertaking a long journey.

  1. Tyre condition and pressure– Tyres have to be inspected and worn-out tyres have to be replaced. The tread depth should be sufficient for road grip and control. Ensure there is tyre pressure as recommended by the manufacturer. Wheel alignment and rotation has to be done on a periodic basis to ensure long life of tyres. The spare tyre should also be in good condition.

  2. Fluids: Engine Oil, Brake Fluid, Coolant, Windscreen wiper water levels, power steering fluids have to be topped up if quantity has gone below required levels. Engine oil has to be replaced if it has become black or thick. Similarly, brake fluids, coolants, gear oil have to be replaced at periodic intervals to ensure optimum performance of the vehicle. Windshield wipers perform better when water is injected when driving in dusty or fog conditions. Ensure there is sufficient wiper water in the container.  Wiper blades have to be replaced with new ones if they are torn or are unable to clear the fog, moisture or water falling on the windshield.

  3. Lights: Headlights, parking lights and indicator lights have to be checked before every long road trip. Sufficient brightness of headlights and tail lamps ensure visibility while going forward and in reverse.

  4. Batteries: Proper battery voltage is necessary for starting the engine and functioning of horns and lights. Have the battery checked for voltage and if it is more than three years old, it may be good to replace it.  You can avail car battery replacement in Dubai to check and replace the battery if necessary. 

5. Air Conditioner: Proper functioning of air conditioning system is essential for a smooth journey in all climatic conditions. Air filters have to be cleaned, refrigerant gas has to be topped up and leaks in the hoses and tubes have to be checked. Functioning of the compressor and condenser has to be ensured before long trips. You may take your car to a car service in Dubai to check the A/C cooling and heating performance so that any trouble during the journey can be eliminated. 

  1. Brake Fluids and Pads: The safety and security of passengers depends to a great extent on the condition of the brakes. There should be sufficient brake fluid, brake pads and shoes should be in good condition. Closely aligned with the brakes is the clutch. The clutch ensures smooth shifting of gears and attaining required speed on highways. The clutch pad has to be replaced when worn out.

Among other things to be checked include bearings, shock absorbers and suspension. Unusual sounds and vibrations have to be reported to the car service in Dubai where your take your vehicle for services. Suspension weights and struts need to be replaced if there is wear and tear. Vacuum cleaning of the interiors will ensure that dust and dirt accumulated is removed from the upholstery and floor. 

The vehicle has to be washed thoroughly to prevent rusting and corrosion of metals. This should be done before and after a long journey during the holiday season.

If you are planning to use your car for road trips in Holiday Season 2022, Carcility, the Car Repair in Dubai can provide all support to keep your vehicle in good condition for a trouble free journey.