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5 Things to Consider Before Making a Tyre Replacement

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Tyres plays a major role in ensuring comfortable ride on your car. Like all other moving parts of a vehicle, tyres are prone to wear and tear as mileage increases.  Before taking your vehicle to a Tyre Replacement Service in Dubai, here are the things to be considered:

Examine Tread Depth

One of the easier ways to identify whether the tyre is worn out is to examine the tread depth. If the depth is less than 2 millimetre or the tread is uneven, it is time for a replacement.  Tread wear indicator is marked by a small arrow on the outer wall of the tyre.  When the outermost layer of the tyre touches the tread wear indicator, the tyres are due for replacement. Another simpler method is the coin test. Take a coin and put it on the grove. If a quarter of the coin goes inside the grove, the tyre tread has sufficient depth.

Tyre Puncture

Frequent tyre punctures are an indication of a worn tyre.  Nails, broken glass, thorn or any other sharp object can easily pierce into a worn tyre. If the tyre tread is thick, it can prevent sharp objects from piercing into a tyre.


Tyres become worn out as it runs more kilometres. As a thumb rule, tyres get worn out in the range of 40,000 to 50,000 kilometres. Frequent braking and poor road conditions can shorten the life of a tyre. Hence, good handling of the vehicle also ensures longer tyre life.  Normally, tyres have a maximum life of two to three years.


Misalignment or damage to suspension can cause uneven wear and tear. In such cases, one side of the tyre, the tread will appear normal, while the other edge may have reached its limit. Therefore, while replacing a new tyre, the wheel alignment and balancing should be done to ensure longer life of the new tyres.  Your car service in Dubai may help you with the alignment of the wheels. Wheel rotation has to be done on a periodic basis to ensure even wear of tread.  If the car appears unstable while driving, it is a sign of worn-out tyres.


If the tyres have become too hard and less flexible it is time to replace the tyres.  If the car is not used for a long period of time, the tyres can harden and visible cracks appear on the surface. 

There are several other safeguards to be taken when changing a worn-out tyre. Use the same tyre size and if possible, the entire set of tyres should be changed.  Ideally, the tread pattern should also be the same. Using a combination of old and new tyres may affect the balance of the vehicle. When you take your car for tyre replacement insist on placing the new tyres in front and old tyres in the rear wheel.  When buying a new tyre, look for the date of manufacture. If the tyre is more than six months old, it may become hard and brittle. This reduces the life of the tyre. Always ensure that pebbles or other materials stuck in the tread are removed.

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