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Five Car Safety Tips

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A passenger vehicle is intended to provide convenience, comfort and utility for its users. However, a little care and caution can ensure safety and security of the passengers and vehicle. For better performance and long life of a vehicle, get the periodic service done at a Car Repair centre in Dubai near to you. 

Here are five tips for car safety that can be followed by every car owner:

  1. Wear seat belts: Wearing of seat belts ensures the passengers don’t hit the roof or be thrown away in the event of a collision of the vehicle. Seat belts are mandatory for all passengers. Vehicles have seat belt indicators in red in the display to alert the passengers to put on the seat belts.
  2. Braking and Stopping: Safety of a vehicle on the road is determined to a large extent on the efficiency of the brakes and ability of the driver to stop the vehicle at the desired place. Periodic servicing at a garage near you can ensure that brakes function properly to prevent accidents. The braking efficiency is dependent on the tyre condition, brake shoe and pads. Insufficient brake fluid and other issues can also compromise the safety of the vehicle. Also the clutch pad has to be replaced when worn out. This will enable easier shifting of gears which again is important for safety of the vehicle and passengers. Drivers must resist the temptation for over-speeding and frequent braking of the vehicle. Drive at an optimum speed and at a speed allowed for the lane in which the vehicle is traveling.
  3. Ensure 180-degree View: When driving the vehicle always have a 180% view of the front road and rear-view mirrors help understand what is happening on the rear of the vehicle. Always be alert on what is happening on the road, even a distraction for a few seconds can lead to accidents. Texting and attending to mobile phone calls while driving can lead to disaster. 
  4. Don’t Mix Drink with Drive: Alcohol consumption before driving can lead to dizziness and lack of concentration. This can lead to accidents. Drunken driving is one of the top causes of accidents in many cities. Use of narcotic drugs and substances can also hamper safe driving. Also, alcohol and narcotic substances lower the response time of the driver thereby leading to mishaps on the road. 
  5. Check Fluid Levels: Before undertaking long journeys, it is important to check the fluid levels in the vehicle. This includes the engine oil, brake oil, transmission oil, coolant, A/C refrigerant and gear oil. This is required for safe operation of the vehicle. Insufficient coolant can lead to overheating of the engine and causing damage to the vehicle. If engine oil is less, it can lead to engine damage as the moving parts don’t get lubricated while the vehicle is running. Battery voltage also needs to be checked before each journey. 


Find a car service near you in Dubai to check all these vital fluids and get it topped up or replaced to ensure a smooth journey. 

Safety on the road is a combination of the condition of the vehicle and safe driving practices to be followed based on the traffic rules of the region. For periodic and emergency maintenance services, you may avail car service in Dubai. They offer a variety of services from periodic maintenance, battery maintenance, tyre alignment and rotation, A/C servicing and Car repair services, Carcility, the Car Service in Dubai can provide you with the entire range of services to keep the vehicle in top running condition.