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The Beauty of Car Makeovers

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Just as anybody would like to keep looking young and healthy, your car also needs a makeover to look fresh and new. A car service in Dubai can help you with the makeover of your car.  A Makeover is not just a cosmetic exercise but a comprehensive replacement of worn or damaged parts with new ones.

System Performance

Your car maintenance centre in Dubai can do a diagnosis of the car to check for parts or components that may be in need of repair or replacement. This includes headlights, rearview mirrors, bumpers, tail lamps, tyres, suspension, A/C performance, coolant, engine oil, brake fluids among others.  Rusted wheels may be replaced, so are wheel covers. 

Paints and Upholstery

The exterior and interior paints are prone to scratches, peeling and loss of shine. Car repair centres also undertake refurbishment of cars. This includes waxing, polishing and painting. Minor scratches and dents can be easily corrected without repainting.  Washing and waxing helps keep the car looking young. Use of paint protection film (PPF), ceramic coating can protect the paint from peeling and rusting. This also protects the body from scratches. If the paint has faded, a fresh coat of paint will cause a complete makeover of the car.  It will help prevent rust build up and costly repairs of the metal parts later on.


Your car service centre could suggest ideas for an interior makeover. This may include polishing the dashboard, replacing car seat covers, floor mats, placing car perfume and mobile phone holders. The Presence of dirt, pet hair, shredded paper, tissues and other particles inside the cabin can lead to bad odour inside the car which can be cleared with vacuum cleaning, shampoo wash and brushing.

Interiors can be brightened up with new brightly coloured upholstery, and the use of air fresheners that come in various types and sizes. The steering and gears can get a new texture for its covers.
Car interiors can be decorated with LED mood lighting. This is possible by sticking LED light strips on the door handle, under the seats, and edges of the dashboard. LEDs come in various colours and sizes and add to the beauty of the car.

Makeover Services
Car servicing centres may offer various packages for a makeover of your car that includes painting, cleaning of wheel faces, windshield and interior refurbishment with fabric, plastic and leather coating protection.

Carcility, the Car maintenance centre in Dubai provides the entire range of makeover services for your vehicle at affordable prices and quality. When it comes to car makeovers, there are no hard and fast rules.

The sound system plays an important part in car makeovers. You may replace the old system with the latest WiFi enabled, Bluetooth enabled systems with speakers and subwoofers that can provide a theatre experience inside the car.

Carcility, the Car Service in Dubai can provide all support for the makeover of your car and keep it looking brand new always. There are endless possibilities with car makeovers and they are only limited by your imagination and ability to spend.