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What exactly are Car Diagnostic services? How do I know when my car needs it

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A car owner has to take the vehicle to a car service provider when a problem arises or for preventive maintenance. Just as a physician uses modern diagnostic tools to analyse the health condition of a patient, car service providers also use digital equipment to know the condition of a vehicle. 

Car diagnostic tests are done using digital devices or scanners connected to a laptop to scan the working of the components, transmission, engine and electrical systems. The mechanic at a garage near you may perform such tests to prevent costly repairs later on. The digital devices analyse the working of the various components, systems and generate reports.

Car diagnostic tests can be done at car service centres in Dubai and they are performed by the mechanics when the dashboard indicators light up in red- it may be related to oil levels, battery, electrical systems, braking systems, exhaust, airflow, coolant, fuel injection system, temperature, and fluid levels.

Just as a physician or a surgeon may use diagnostic tests to determine the treatment to be followed to cure an ailment, car mechanics use diagnostic tools to understand the components or systems to be checked and corrected. It does not correct the problem or provide clues on the cause of the problem.

Car diagnostic tests are usually done when the vehicle develops a problem or they may be done as part of the regular major or minor service. However, it may be a good idea to have a diagnostic test done every year to determine the systems or components that may require repair or replacement. Car diagnostic tests help provide an overview of the working of the vehicle systems and components. Any anomalies detected can help the mechanic do further investigation of the vehicle.

Car diagnostic tests help mechanics to easily locate a system or component requiring further investigation as new-generation vehicles are digitised. Onboard systems have indicators that provide clues to the car owner about the malfunctioning of the vehicle. Car diagnostic tests enable quicker resolution of a fault in the vehicle and prevent costly repairs later on. It is also essential for the safety of the vehicle and passengers.

Carcility, the Car Service in Dubai can help you with the diagnosis of your car. They are inexpensive, non-invasive tests done prior to repair of the vehicle or servicing of a vehicle. Each time a trouble code is generated in the software, the technician is able to locate the areas requiring attention. If you notice unusual noise, vibration, or oil leak or smell or a dashboard light showing red, it is time to take your vehicle for a diagnostic test.

Mechanics usually use a trial-and-error method to find which system or component may be experiencing trouble. But digital diagnostic tools save time and energy and help locate a problem faster.

If you are looking for reliable car repair services in Dubai, Carcility can provide you with all support and guidance.