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When does your Car Insurance cover repairs?

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Car insurance usually covers accident claims and third-party claims in the event of an unfortunate incident. However, normal insurance doesn’t cover repairs. To get repair benefits from insurance, you must avail of mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI). MBI can be purchased as extra coverage as an endorsement or rider. However, all companies do not offer this facility.

MBI covers the cost of breakdown repairs or other issues that come up. It may also cover the replacement of parts and components. They usually provide protection for air conditioning systems, steering, transmission, brake and engine.

However, MBI doesn’t cover regular maintenance such as oil changes, replacement of worn-out tyres, windshield wiper replacement, and rearview mirrors. MBI is usually covered for cars that have logged below certain kilometres. The more mileage the vehicle has logged, the less the chance of coverage.

MBI adds to the premium cost of existing insurance but they are affordable. Newer cars are provided extended warranties by the manufacturers. But it requires the vehicle to be taken to the authorised company dealer. MBI provides the benefit of taking the vehicle for repairs to a service centre of your choice.

If you think that the particular car model may require unpredictable breakdown expenses that would strain your pocket, it is better to go for MBI.

MBI comes with a deductible. If your car suffers a breakdown or crash, the expenses estimated by the car service facility may be 1000 dirhams. If you have a UAE 500 deductible, you have to pay that amount and the rest would be paid by the insurer.


If you keep the deductive amount lower, the premiums will go up. If the cost of repairing a vehicle is less than the deductible amount, it is better to not stake a claim. When a claim is made, the premium increases on renewal of the insurance. Car repair insurance can also save the owner from expensive repairs such as electrical system failure or when it requires a new cylinder head.

Comprehensive or bumper-to-bumper insurance cover doesn’t provide coverage for breakdowns or repairs. With technology becoming complex and digital, breakdowns can cost you more than expected and put a dent in your savings.

Therefore, regular or periodic car service at a garage near you is vital to prevent the breakdown of your car. Carcility, the car maintenance centre in Dubai, provides an extensive range of repairs and services for your car, including breakdown assistance.  

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