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What should you anticipate from Carcility in the early part of 2023?

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When it comes to car service and maintenance, vehicle owners prefer to seek the help of experienced and professional service providers. They will be happy to get such a quality service in a garage near them.  Carcility, the car service in Dubai, provides comprehensive maintenance for your car including minor, major service and also breakdown services. 

Carcility has given utmost importance to customer satisfaction and has come up with various offers from time to time. In early 2023, Carcility has some very good offers for its customers. 

Here are the details of offers from Carcility, your trusted car repair and maintenance center in Dubai:

1. 50% off: Carcility is offering 50% off on interior detailing services. Interior detailing involves steam washing, car sanitization, interior wash, and vacuum cleaning of carpets, seats, upholstery, and windows. Detailing removes dirt, oil, debris, or moisture and keeps the car disinfected. The constant rise in temperature and frequent sandstorms in UAE makes it all the more important for car owners to avail car detailing services to maintain their car’s overall performance. You may use the promo code WASHI50 for getting interior detailing work.

2. Exterior Detailing: Exterior detailing helps maintain the appearance and value of the vehicle. Now various tools and products are used to remove the oil, debris, moisture, and dirt to maintain the finish of the car body. Waxing is done to protect the paint and sealants are applied to maintain the shine. Exterior detailing helps in getting improved value for the vehicle as it removes the scratches, dents, and marks to provide the original shine of the vehicle.  Carcility is offering 50 % off on exterior detailing services and customers need to use the promo code: WASHE50.

Carcility Plus is offering 60% off on a car service package with a free pick-up and drop-off facility. The package offers same-day delivery and a free car wash. This is an offer of early 2023 that no car owners can afford to miss! Carcility mobile app enables customers to book car services without any hassles and get all services without the need to seek different service providers.

Carcility offers convenient, efficient, and affordable service and maintenance for car owners in Dubai. Carcility offers for early 2023 are only available for a limited time. Book your service at the earliest.