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2023’s Top Four Automotive Technology Trends

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The automotive industry is witnessing rapid advances in technology in recent years compared to previous decades. This was possible through the use of IT, intelligent systems, and security. With sustainability and zero carbon emission targets set by countries, the automobile industry needs to accelerate the pace of advancement and such trends are already visible now.

Here are 2023’s top four automotive technology trends:

1.  Electric Vehicles: There is a huge shift taking place from internal combustion engines (IC) to electric vehicles. Stricter emission norms and investments in charging infrastructure for electric vehicles will increase the production and sale of electric vehicles. Battery swapping and fast charging of batteries will increase the adoption rate for electric vehicles. Electric motors with more power density and torque may be introduced. Axial flux motors instead of rare earth, magnet-free variants instead of permanent magnets, and induction motor technologies will transform electric vehicle transport.

2. Connected Cars: With advances in communication technology, the automobile no longer works in isolation. It can be connected to cloud services and sensors can capture real-time data which can help in remote diagnostics of the vehicle. This can enable preventive and predictive maintenance thereby preventing breakdowns. The use of telematics, the technology behind connected cars, is bound to increase in the coming years.  Connected cars will be able to collect data from surroundings and enable smoother movement of the vehicle. For eg. a Google partnership with Ford will equip cars with built-in Android OS. this will allow drivers to remain connected at all times.

3. Autonomous Driving Technology: Autonomous Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are getting advanced with the use of radars, lidars, cameras, and ultrasound tools. This keeps the car safe and provides corrective measures during an emergency. The use of 4D imaging radars improves resolution 16 times and enhances the autonomous driving features for better security and control. Lidars enable an accurate measuring of angles and velocity, thus providing detailed 3D maps for autonomous vehicles.  

4. Shared Mobility: New business models may emerge in the automobile industry with a focus on shared mobility. Mobility-as-a-Service will discourage unused vehicles and reduce congestion and pollution on the roads.

The use of artificial intelligence, robotics, and machine learning will transform the automobile industry, accelerate the rate of production and reduce the cost of developing hybrid vehicles.

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