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Why NOT to use the wrong fluids for your Car

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It’s not unusual for people to mix up or use the wrong fluids in their vehicles, and the consequences can range from annoyance to destruction. Before topping off any fluids under the hood of their vehicle, consumers can consult their owner’s manual. If people have any questions, they should consult a mechanic or the people in some of the best car service centres in Dubai. Sources say that adding antifreeze to your car’s windshield water reservoir can cause a mess that is too slimy and hard to clean. However, filling the reservoir with only water can act as a great breeding for bacteria that cause Legionnaires’ disease.

What can go wrong if I use the wrong fluid for my car?

1. The wrath of the motor oil

Although the brand of the motor oil doesn’t matter for your car, its viscosity plays a really big role in the smooth functioning of your car. Just follow the instructions in the owner’s manual. When you use the wrong oil, you risk losing lubrication and shortening the life of your engine. Using synthetic oil if the manual specifies it. Adding synthetic oil to standard oil, contrary to popular belief, will not damage the engine, but it will not provide little benefit.

2. The don’ts of using washer fluid

Water not only creates the ideal habitat for lethal bacteria, but it also does not clean as well as washer fluid and is susceptible to freezing. Using household glass cleaners or ammonia on a car’s windshield can leave suds, damage the finish, and get into the air intake system, potentially causing a noxious atmosphere in the cabin.

3. The perfect fluid make for your brake

Hydraulic fluid that has been specially developed for the purpose is used in brake systems. Substituting transmission or power-steering fluid, which are similar, can damage seals, cause system damage, and likely cause brake failure. It’s worth noting that if your brake fluid is poor, your vehicle will almost certainly need brake-system operation. Either the brakes are worn out or there is a leak in the system.

4. The fluid to your battery

Individual cells in certain car batteries need to be replenished with a little electrolyte to cover the lead plates.. When tap water is mixed with a battery’s electrolyte liquid, minerals from the water will accumulate on the battery’s internal lead plates, reducing the battery’s power and shortening its life.

5. Let the water cool it off

The cooling system of a car uses a mixture of water and antifreeze, formally known as coolant, in proportions (typically 50/50) that prevent it from freezing on a cold day and boiling on a hot one. When you add too much water to a mixture, it becomes more vulnerable to freezing and boiling. When it’s cold outside, this can prevent the car from running, and in warmer weather, it can lead to overheating. Alternatively, tap water can also eventually lead to mineral build-up in the cooling system, thereby reducing its effectiveness

These are just some of the things that can end up going wrong with your car if you use wrong fluids for it. Some situations can get really ugly that you wouldn’t be able to take care of it on your own. In such cases, visiting Carcility, the most efficient car service centre in Dubai will help you get your car back on track.

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