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5 Easy Hacks to Keep Your Car Cool this Summer

Keep car cool in Summer
Car care

Summer is just around the corner with its’ scorching temperature and for car owners, this means driving around in a furnace – hot steering, hotter seats and hottest of engines.

The hot weather, dry air, and hot roads can diminish a car’s performance and health and hence becomes crucial to have precautionary measures in place to keep the car at its optimum shape.

How to Keep Your Car Cool this Summer

Driving your car on extended trips in the summer heat does not only increase the car’s temperature but also damages the car’s tyres, brakes, battery and the engine itself.

Here are a few easy tips to keep your car cool during the summer:

  1. Parking Under Shade

  2. This summer car care tip is the simplest thing to do but is significant. The most common reason for cars to heat up during summer is due to parking them under direct sunlight. This not only increases the car’s interior and exterior temperature but also may lead the paint to peel off. The best way to avoid being a magnet to the heat is by ensuring that you park your car under the shade. This may be under a tree, in the parking lot, under car enclosures or you may also use full-body covers, while you have your car parked for an extended duration of time.

    Car parking in summer

  3. Roll Down the Windows Slightly

  4. In lines with avoiding your car from heating up due to the sun’s summer heat, you can ensure that your car interior temperatures are maintained by cracking down the window. While the car is parked and turned off, rolling down the windows helps in the circulation of air from outside the car to inside, thereby regulating the interior temperature. And before you start your drive, you can turn on the car AC and put in into blower mode so that the hot air from inside the car is replaced by the comparatively cooler air from outside.

    Leaving windows cracked keep car cooler

  5. Cover Your Steering Wheel

  6. How many times have you got back into your car and cranked up the engine, ready to go, only to realize that the car steering wheel is burning hot? This is the most dreaded thing for any car driver, which in fact makes it uncomfortable to maneuver the car until the steering wheel gets cooler. To avoid this, a simple tip you can follow is to cover your steering wheel, while not in use, with a small cloth or hand-towel. This ensures that the steering wheel does not come in direct contact with the sun and is relatively cooler.

    Keep the car interior cool in summer

  7. Use a Sunshade or Window Visor

  8. The best way to keep your car cool in summer and all through the hot sunny days is by investing in car window visors or sunshades. Car window visors and shades protect the car interiors from direct contact from the sun thereby maintaining the interior temperature and also avoiding the car seats, especially if leather, from heating up. Nowadays there are a variety of shades and visors available that offer versatile functionality and come at an inexpensive price. They are simple to install and do well to keep your car interior temperatures at the optimum.

    How do sunshades keep the car cool in summer

  9. Maintain Car Tyre Pressure

  10. Imagine enjoying your drive on the highway or cruising down the Dubai city roads, and you end up losing traction or your tyre blows! This is often the most overlooked activity which in fact has a very dangerous impact. Not ensuring that the car tyre pressure is maintained can result in flat tyres and blow-outs. The constant contact with the hot tarmac during summer can lead to excessive wear-and-tear of the tyres. To avoid flat tyres or blowouts, check your tyre pressure periodically to ensure that there isn’t over-inflation or under-inflation of tyres and you can also explore using nitrogen to keep the tyres cool.

    Keeping car tyre in good condition

These are some of the easiest ways to keep your car cool during summer and ensure that your car’s health or performance is not hampered. You can also have your car periodically serviced and maintained to avoid unnecessary repairs and breakdowns.

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty or want the experts to keep your pride and joy at the top condition, lucky for you, you have the best car services in Dubai, at the palm of your hands with Carcility. Enjoy your drive all summer long, without a sweat while we ensure that your drive is as smooth and blissful as the first drive.

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