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Car Repairs You Should Never Try it Yourself

Car repairs you should not try yourself
Car repair

Let’s face it – we all feel a bit possessive about our cars and hence, we like to think we are the ones who know our cars the best! That is why some of us feel that we can take care of most problems with our cars all by ourselves. However, given the complexity of modern cars and the sophisticated machinery that runs them, it is really not advisable to take the hoods off of our cars in an instant. We may end up doing more damage to the car rather than fixing it and end up driving up the original cost.

For eg., the windshields of our car develop cracks over time and it required proper maintenance for the same. However, one might think that these are my car windshields! What’s so complicated about them? While it’s true that the windshields are quite basic components and not really complicated pieces of machinery like the engine of your car but still, they do cost quite a lot compared to regular window panes. While fixing these windshields is not difficult if you know what you are doing, there are certain things that can definitely go wrong if you are not aware of the possibilities and these can quickly add up and increase the overall costs of the car repair by a fair bit.

Therefore, it is always advisable to get help rather than tinkering with sensitive components of your car.

Here’s a comprehensive list of all car repairs that you should not attempt on your own:

  1. Radiator

  2. The radiator is quite an essential component of your car and without it, the car would not run. Therefore, it goes without saying that you should never tinker with your radiator if you are not a certified mechanic yourself. The DIY videos on online websites might seem quite detailed, and they do make it seem quite straightforward but that’s definitely not the case. The hoses connected to the radiator unit require a minimum level of dexterity to reconnect and if they come loose, then you are in for a tough time. If you are unable to reconnect the radiator unit properly, then there are high chances that the engine might blow and we do not have to remind you about the costs of a new engine in most modern vehicles. If you do not like unwanted mishaps, it’s best to leave these to the professionals.

  3. ECU

  4. The electrical components of most modern vehicles are quite complex and therefore require professional input rather than a rugged one. It’s not the 70s anymore where you can just pop open a hood and fret about with a few wires and you are good to go! These are complex pieces of machinery that are constantly interacting with one another through this complex network and one wrong move can compromise the entire system. Wrong connections and polar issues are quite common and if not done correctly, can lead to fires dealing with extensive damage to your vehicles. We suggest you take it to a professional without hesitation.

  5. Engine Light

  6. We all put our thinking caps on and start pretending like an actual mechanic as soon as the ‘check engine’ light turns on in our dashboards. We are instantly out of the car and are tinkering under the hood in order to understand the exact issues with it. However, one needs to understand that there are a number of reasons as to why the check engine light might suddenly turn on. It can be something as simple as a loose gas cap or can be something as sinister as overheating that could potentially lead to a breakdown. Therefore, it is quite impossible for one to tell the actual problem with the car engine through the check engine light alone. Since the issue can be anywhere, its best to leave it to the professionals and not damage your vehicle further through permutations and combinations.

  7. Shock Absorbers

  8. The shock absorbers are not actually complicated components themselves but the potential for harm is quite high. One needs to jack up their car and crawl underneath their car in order to properly replace the shock absorbers. There is quite some risk involved as cases of hands being crushed by the tires are not unheard of. In addition, the shock absorbers themselves are quite powerful and can easily knock an adult out if they are not careful. According to us, it’s not worth the risk! Take it to a professional and get it replaced.

  9. Timing Belt

  10. The timing belt is a crucial component of your car and absolutely essential for it to run properly. The timing belt usually requires a replacement with time as it gets roughened out through friction but it is not advisable to do so at home. The main reason behind this is that you have to disassemble half the engine before you can replace your timing belt. While there are numerous videos out there that tell you exactly what you need to do, putting back an engine properly is quite a task for those not experienced with it. One small mistake and you will be stuck with a damaged engine that will require a fortune to fix properly. Do not make that mistake. Take it to a professional.

  11. Brakes

  12. Well, to be honest, replacing or fixing the brakes is not really complicated when compared to the other entries on this list but the risk factor involved if not done correctly is extremely high. If the brakes are not adjusted or not fit properly it can lead to serious mishaps that can cause some serious injury to you and others in the vehicle. Therefore, we advise that you do not take the chances and get it inspected by a certified car mechanic.

  13. Transmission

  14. The transmission is one of the most complicated pieces of machinery in your vehicle and without it, your vehicle is basically useless. In addition, the components of your transmission system are extremely costly and therefore, should not be tinkered with. We highly recommend taking it to your trusted garage whenever you face issues with your transmission system.

So there you have it! These are some of the most complicated issues that we feel should not be dealt with at home since they can not only damage your car but also drive costs up invariably. It’s much safer to take it to your local garage!

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