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Points to Remember When Taking Your Vehicle Off-road

Off roading driving

We totally understand the need to go off-roading and we actually encourage our users to take their car off the streets from time to time. Trips like this not only helps you escape the mundane chores of everyday life but also enables you to reconnect with nature and shed a lot of unnecessary stress. The pure sense of adventure, the constant adrenaline rush as you traverse wild landscapes and the wide sky above you is something that cannot be felt within the clutches of city-life.

However, it’s not all fun and games! What might seem like a totally ordinary trip can quickly turn into a disaster in the blink of an eye! Therefore, not only is it necessary that you take the preventive measures before leaving, but it is also necessary to know what you are doing once you are out in the open. This article shall guide you through the most important points that you should keep in mind before heading out for a trip out in the open.

  1. Knowledge

    • Car – 
    • Many of today’s 4x4s are not designed for true off-road activities. They are hybrids and do not contain a strong framework to withstand the harsh uneven driving conditions. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check out your vehicle’s performance off-road before actually taking it off the road. It also helps to know general stuff like your vehicle’s dimensions, its lowest point, the maximum weight it can carry and the highest point of water it can cross before flooding the engine, etc. This will help you clear obstacles better. Practice using a low ratio gearbox. If manual locking hubs are present in your vehicle, this is a good time to try them out.

    • Turf – 
    • It is extremely important that you know the area that you are headed to. You don’t need to know the place by heart but you should at least have an idea about the kind of turf it is, the wild animals that frequent there and the challenges that you might face once you are there. Read up on the internet and you’ll soon see that you know exactly what to carry!

    • Weather – 
    • As much as you should know about the turf of one place, you should know about its weather too. What are the challenges that you might face? What are the chances of rainfall or snowfall? Are there chances of an earthquake, landslide or an avalanche? It’s always better to know than to be sorry!

  2. Maintenance

    • Fluids – 
    • Check all your fluids -coolant, oil, windshield washer fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, ATF, differentials, etc. These are going to be your lifelines for the time you want to spend outdoors. Make sure you do not run out of these or you are in for a rough time!

    • Tires – 
    • Check the condition of your tires, including the spare. You never know when tires tend to give out. The treads on your tires also matter, so make sure they are not worn out. Lastly, make sure that the tires are well equipped to handle the temperature and the terrain that you will be traversing. Some tires are made for cold climates and some for hot, so make sure they match before leaving.

    • Shocks – 
    • Check your shocks for signs of leakage or damage or just plain worn out. They are gonna be extremely important when your car is running on uneven terrain.

    • Gas – 
    • Fill the gas tank prior to every trip. We don’t need to tell you this – get it filled to the brim.

    • Belts – 
    • Check all your belts and hoses, and carry spares. These will keep your car running. Do not forget the spares.

  3. Precautions

    • Inform – 
    • Tell those that you know where you are going, when you are leaving and when you’ll be back. This is important as your rescue depends upon it lest you get lost or stuck. Also, let these people know the exact location you are in twice every day if you get the chance.

    • Weather – 
    • Watch the weather for the region you are visiting and the route along the way. This is extremely necessary as you will need to pack accordingly, check your tire pressures and take additional clothing to combat the weather.

    • Necessities – 
    • Toiletries are a must. Make sure you have them inside your backpack and then double-check again.

    • Communications – 
    • Pack a cell phone and give it a full charge before departing. Pack the phone car adapter or the 120-volt charger along with a power inverter. Solar power chargers are also available now, so carry one if you have access. A handheld GPS navigator and walkie talkies are also a must if you are traveling to desolate locations.

    • Provisions – 
    • Bring plenty of food and drink. We mean, plenty. Enough to last you for the trip and also for a movie back home.

    • Lights – 
    • Flashlights are a must especially the ones with powerful beams that can light up dense forest covers.

    • Extra Fuel – 
    • Carry extra fuel at two different locations in air-tight containers.

    • Cables – 
    • Have a good set of jumper cables with heavy-gauge wire and quality connectors. These can come in handy in a number of ways! Whether its a cliff that you need to traverse or towing your car out of a ditch, these cables will prove their worth in gold.

    • Jack and Wood – 
    • Make sure you have a working jack and know how to use it. Also, carry additional blocks of wood so that you can lift your vehicle in muddy areas.

    • Tool Kit – 
    • Carry a tool kit for your car that covers the basics.

    • Medi Kit – 
    • Carry a medi-kit for you that covers the basics.

These are the absolute necessities that you need to cover if you decide to take your vehicle off the streets and into the wild. We encourage adventure and we hope you have a good time but always remember, safety comes first! Do not break the rules, keep in contact with your family and have a good time! Do not litter, pick up your rubbish and carry it back with you!

Is there anything that we missed? Let us know in the comments down below! Click here to visit our website and get instant access to many other such articles related to the automobile industry! We can, with Carcility!

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