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Essential Reasons Why You Should Not Ignore a Wheel Alignment

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Wheels are an important part of the car as it holds the tyres and keeps the car moving. Even as car owners conduct major and minor service from time to time, they may not give adequate importance to wheel alignment.  Improper wheel alignment can lead to difficulty in driving the car and poor performance on many counts. Wheel alignment refers to the angle of wheels in comparison to each other and body of the vehicle. Wheel alignment is done by using computer controlled machines and has to be done for every 10,000 kilometres. Such wheel alignment services can be availed in Carcility  Dubai.

Here are the essential reasons why wheel alignment is important.

Steering Issues: When wheels are not aligned properly, the driver finds it difficult to steer the vehicle in the right direction. It becomes difficult on a crowded road in a city or when the weather condition is adverse due to rain or snow. It can lead to car accidents as the driver is unable to steer the car in the proper direction. Handling and stability of the vehicle can be ensured only through alignment of wheels. The car ride will never be smooth if the tyres are not properly aligned. By not doing proper alignment of wheels, you compromise on the safety of the car and passengers.

Wear and Tear

A tyre that is not properly aligned can lead to uneven wear and tear of tyres. This will affect the road grip and cause damage to the wheel and axle. Proper alignment prevents wear and tear and longer life for tyres. Tyres can be punctured or be blown off by improper alignment of wheels.

More Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption increases when the tyres are not aligned properly. It also affects the speed and grip of the vehicle on the road leading to accidents. Fuel efficiency can be affected to the extent of 10% as a drag is produced on the tyre.

Increased Stress

Improperly aligned wheels can lead to unnecessary stress on steering components and rotating parts. Vibration of the steering wheel is caused by improper alignment. Vibration can be detected by turning off the music systems and turning on the engine.

Expensive Repairs

Improper alignment of vehicles can lead to more costly repairs later on. It can be in the form of worn-out tyres, steering problems and damages due to accidents. Brake failures can happen and also wheels can go out of shape due to stress build up. Brake pads are affected and deteriorate fast. When it reaches a certain point, the calipers rub against a metal indicator. It makes the brakes squeal. If the squeal is ignored and brake pads allowed to be worn completely, it causes the calipers to grind into the rotors. This leads to expensive replacement of components. Damaged rotors also reduce braking efficiency and may lead to collisions.

Wheels suffer from alignment problems based on the condition of roads. Potholes and bumps can affect the alignment of the vehicle while worn out shocks or structs can cause alignment problems. Modifications done on the vehicle which is not recommended by the vehicle manufacturer can also lead to alignment problems.

If the steering wheel doesn’t go back to its normal position (centre) after turning the wheel, it might be a sign of incorrect alignment. If the road conditions are bad, wheel alignment has to be checked more frequently. When a car gets into an accident or bumps against a concrete parking stall, the wheel alignment will be affected.

Computerised wheel alignment services help in proper wheel alignment and rotation of wheels from time to time can reduce wear and tear. If you require wheel alignment services for your car, Carcility can provide all support and assistance in Dubai.