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How to minimize Dubai desert sand damage on Cars

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Vast dunes, seemingly endless roads, and sudden sand storms are just part of Dubai’s springs. Even though these may seem beautiful to tourists, daily commuters and car enthusiasts would beg to differ on this one. Special care must be given for cars that go through this ordeal on a day to day basis. The sandstorms in Dubai poses a significant threat to cars. Here are a few things to look out for while taking care of your car in the eye of the storm.

The body problem

You get the most sporty look for your car with a new paint job. As you cruise through Dubai Springs, an unexpected sand storm attacks your sleek exterior. This can tarnish that stunning gleam of your car. In that case, you should never touch your car’s outside after it has been dusted. The sand contains sharp microscopic particles that can cruelly scratch your paintwork. As soon as possible, give your automobile a thorough washing with a hose or power washer.

A quick and simple method for protecting the paint on your car’s exterior is to rinse off any loose sand from the car’s outside. Be careful with sponges. Sand might get caught in the soft material and damage the paint. Be sure to check all of the tiny crevices where sand may be hiding out of sight. Following the rinse, apply a coat of vehicle wax to provide additional protection and to minimize wear indications on the surface. Apply the wax on regions where there are damages as well.

The most simple yet effective countermeasure for this problem is using a cover while parking outside. Get your vehicle to the best car doctor in Dubai Spring. Carcility provides car paint repairs to help you cope with the sand. Get your vehicle checked with us.

Clogged Air filter

Because of its ability to accumulate in air filters, sand can block your car’s engine and decrease airflow. A dirty air filter can result in your engine sucking dust and debris. This can cause damage to internal engine parts such as valves, pistons and cylinder walls, leading to excess oil consumption, poor engine performance and gradually leading to engine failure.

The only way to escape this sandy affair is to cultivate the habit of cleaning your air filters regularly. It is recommended to get a complete car service and oil check every now and then. Book your car service with carcility for hassle-free oil repairs and air filter checks.


Temperature variations may harm your glass: if it’s been parked outside in the scorching heat all day and you turn the AC up to full blast when you get behind the wheel, the abrupt shift can distort the protective layer within the windshield. In case your windshield has a pre-existing crack, the sand can get into it and make the glass prone to breakage. This can be disastrous while driving.

Clean your windshield regularly, especially during the windy seasons. Make sure to rinse them thoroughly with water before wiping them to avoid getting scratches over the glass. To get your windshield squeaky clean, book Carcility car washes and car repairs.


The hot temperature in Dubai can tempt you to roll the window down. This can mean a ton of sand gushing into your leather console, making it hard to remove. It can be especially challenging once you go for a trip through the beach. One can be extra careful, yet the sand inside the cockpit is unavoidable. Since sand may leave stains, the expense of ignoring your car’s inside may be more than you anticipate.

Covering your seats and flooring with blankets or towels is an alternative (with one for your dash, too, if necessary). When you’ve finished driving for the day, thoroughly shake the blankets or towels out to eliminate the sand. Quick and simple. Alternatively, you might vacuum your car’s inside and then wipe it down with a moist towel (ideally, microfiber kind).

Taking these small measures can go a long way when protecting your car from the sandy weather of Dubai. But not everything always goes the way we plan. This is precisely why you need Carcility. We can make your cleaning, dusting, servicing and repairing smooth. From oil changes to car wash, car wrapping, engine repairs and much more at your fingertips. Experience car servicing like never before.

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