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Summer Tyre Maintenance with Carcility: Ensuring Safety and Performance on Hot Roads

Summer Tyre Maintenance with Carcility - Ensuring Safety and Performance on Hot Roads
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During the summer, when temperatures in the UAE soar above 50 degrees Celsius, car owners need to take extra care to prevent vehicle breakdowns due to adverse climatic conditions. Tyres become susceptible to blowouts and unusual wear and tear during the summer months unless proper care is given.

Carcility, the car repair and car service in Dubai, provides car maintenance services, wheel alignment, and car services for customers.

Here are some tips for ensuring tyre safety during the summer months in the UAE:


1. Maintain Tyre Pressure: Before every journey, ensure that tyres are adequately inflated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This will prevent unusual wear and tear and improve the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. The spare tyre should also be filled with air or nitrogen to an adequate capacity in case of use in an emergency situation. Remember that underinflated and overinflated tyres are equally dangerous for a safe car journey.

Tyre Pressure - Carcility

2. Wheel Rotation and Balancing: Wheel rotation, alignment, and balancing ensure that there is even wear and tear on the tyres and provide better grip on the roads. Inspect the tyres for tread depth. If the tread depth is uneven and there is more wear and tear on the sides of the tyres, it may be due to improper wheel alignment and balancing.

Wheel Rotation and Balancing car tyre - Carcility


Carcility, the car repair center in Dubai, offers tyre maintenance services, including tyre puncture repair, wheel alignment, tyre rotation, and wheel balancing services.


3. Prevent Overheating: Roads can become very hot during the summer, and the heat gets transferred to the tyres. To prevent tyre bursts, it’s better to allow the tyre temperature to cool before resuming a long journey.

Prevent Overheating Car Tyre - Carcility


4. Change Tyres: If the tread depth is low and there is uneven wear and tear on the tyres, it’s better to replace them with new ones. Inspect tyres for bulges, cracks, or any other damage before every journey. Worn-out tyres compromise safety as braking distance increases and the possibility of skidding arises. Blown-out tyres can also lead to a loss of vehicle control and accidents. Wheel alignment and balancing are also affected by worn-out tyres.

Change Car Tyres - Carcility


Carcility, the car service in Dubai, offers a range of car services for summer maintenance, including tyre rotation, wheel alignment, balancing, and puncture repair services.

You can also purchase new tyres and wheels from Carcility to ensure a safe and smooth ride this summer.