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Tips on how to effectively use your car AC this summer

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In summer it is impossible to drive a car without the air conditioner on. But what if the AC is not working perfectly? You would feel hot and sweat inside your vehicle. While it may be difficult to understand the technical part of the working of an AC, as a car owner you can take some steps to ensure that your cooling system works at optimum levels.  However, if the AC develops serious problems,  we have the best car AC repair in Dubai to get your AC fixed.

Here are some tips on how to effectively use car AC this summer.

Regular Use

Regular use of air conditioner ensures that air vents,fans and the compressor aof the AC perform well.  Ensure that you run your Car AC system at least once in a week.

Park the Vehicle in Shade

When a car is parked in the hot sun, it may take much longer for the AC to cool the temperature inside. Hence it is advised to park the car by a tree shade or a covered  parking lot. This makes it easier for the AC to perform at its best.

Use of Recirculation Mode

The AC has an electric fan which sucks in air from outside and reaches the evaporator. A high pressure liquid coolant is pushed into the evaporator which turns into gas and absorbs the heat. The electric fan then blows the air through the AC vent towards the interior of the car. Once sufficient air has been sucked in, it is better to turn the AC to recirculation mode. This will shut the intake of air from outside. The recirculating air is already cool and this puts less burden on the compressor and improves its performance. 

Shut Down AC Properly

Proper shut down of the AC will ensure optimal functioning of the cooling system. Always switch off the AC before the ignition is switched off. Allowing the fan to run for a while makes the evaporator dry. It also prevents build-up of bacteria and foul smells in the cabin.

Keep Windows Open for a While

In hot conditions, before starting a journey, the windows should be lowered to allow hot air to escape  Start you car AC only after the hot air is pushed out.

Car AC Repair

It is important to keep the AC maintained in proper condition. Get car AC inspection doneby a mechanic for refrigerant levels if cooling is consistently lower.  Another way of ensuring optimum performance is to get the AC serviced periodically and especially before the start of summer when it is needed the most.  Having a maintenance schedule helps in optimising the performance of the car AC. The cabin filter helps clear the pollutants from the air that is sucked inside so that passengers get fresh air inside the car. If the air inside is stagnant, it is time to replace the air filter.


If the cabin filter is not replaced periodically, it can affect the quality of air and health of passengers. Fresh air is important as presence of dust and debris inside the car can also affect the performance of the AC.

Check for unusual sounds while the AC is working as it may indicate possible trouble in the compressor. Periodic service and observance of simple tips can help the car AC to perform optimally. 

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