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What Should be Included in Your Car Servicing?

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Cars require routine maintenance to keep them in top condition without causing problems on the road. Proper maintenance reduces wear and tear of moving parts and ensures that you get a good resale value for the vehicle. A good car service centre can help you give proper advice on maintenance of the vehicle. Here are the checklists to be followed in car servicing.

Short Check-ups

Engine Oil and Coolant

For a proper functioning of the engine, engine oil and coolants are essential. Therefore, before any long journey, the engine oil and coolant levels must be checked and topped up if it is insufficient. A dip stick is provided on top of the engine oil tank to know the stock of oil. There’s a range between low and full, and always keep the level close to full. The function of coolant is to absorb the extreme heat generated by the engine and coolant levels must be between maximum and minimum indicated in the tank.

Air Filter

Air filter is responsible for regulating the flow of air into the engine and keep dust or other particles away. Keeping the air filters clean is essential for long life of the engine and to decrease emissions.

Tyre Rotation and Alignment

Rotation of tyres and alignment are essential to reduce wear and tear of tyres. It helps in getting better road grip and extending the life of tyres. It helps reduce uneven tread, prevents noise and vibration.  

Long Term Check-ups

Transmission Fluid: It helps keep all the moving parts of your transmission system lubricated and functioning properly. Transmission fluid has to be checked during periodic service Transmission fluid has to be replaced at the manufacturer recommended intervals/mileage. 

Shocks and Struts

To reduce the impact of  bumps and depressions on your vehicle, the shock absorber, suspension and struts have to be in good shape all the time. Shock absorbers and struts must be checked and replaced if necessary. If you hear squeaky noise when you drive, get your suspension checked/

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are used to ignite the gas and air mixture in the engine that powers the vehicle. If spark plugs have worn out the engine will lose power. You might face starting troubles as well. The spark plugs have to be checked and replaced  periodically to assess damage.

Serpentine Belt

Serpentine belt helps in powering the alternator, air conditioner compressor and power steering pump. Service engineers visually inspect the wear and tear and replace the belt if worn out. Weak belts will have minor cracks.

Battery Performance

Battery has to be checked for voltage levels and distilled water levels. Car battery provides the electrical current for the starter, engine and other electronic accessories.

Clutch and Brake

Clutch should be used only to disengage the engine while shifting gears. When the car is in motion, even a small pressure on the clutch can cause damage to the clutch plate. Air in the clutch fluid used to activate the clutch has to be removed to improve overall performance. The hydraulic fluid has to be topped up or replaced periodically. Braking system consists of brake pedal, pads, disc, drums, brake fluid and hoses. Frequent use of brakes can cause wear and tear on pads and discs. This has to be replaced after attaining a certain mileage.

Other Checks

Steering performance, bulbs in headlight and rear lights, wipers are the other areas or components to be checked during service. Worn up wiper blades can affect visibility of the driver and may cause accidents.  Steering alignment is checked to ensure proper functioning while turning the vehicle.

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