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What to do if your steering wheel locks up while driving in Dubai roads

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The fact that Dubai is one among the many cities with best roads is undebatable. It may have gifted you all your memorable joy rides. But getting your steering wheel locked up is a pain. The steering wheel is one of the most crucial elements of a motor vehicle since it controls the vehicle’s direction. When it comes to automobiles and other land vehicles (such as buses and trucks), it’s quite frequent. The wheel is the only part of the vehicle that the driver has to control in order for it to run. That’s why it’s so upsetting when the steering wheel locks up while you’re on the road. Being stranded in the middle of your drive is not a good idea. Either you could equip yourself for your car repair, or you could simply choose any professional car servicing / repairing team in Dubai. Whatever be the case, knowing what happened to your car is important.

What are the causes?

It is a standard safety feature for cars to have their steering wheels locked up at all times. Put a key in the ignition and it’s unlocked. If you don’t have the key, you can’t unlock the steering wheel and drive the automobile. Your car’s steering wheel can lock up for a variety of reasons, including defective locking mechanisms, technological problems, and a variety of other causes. It’s clearly a cause for concern, and you should take urgent action to address it. Call for the best car service professionals near you, in case you can’t figure it out yourself. Have a look at a few possible reasons for this problem.

Power steering pump

Suddenly and without warning, the power steering pump might jam. This might cause your steering wheel to lock up while driving. Failure of the power steering pump was not a problem in the past because the cars did not have them. Arm muscles were all that was required to guide the car around turns. The power steering pump is a relatively new invention that has made it easier and more convenient to turn automobiles. Unfortunately, it’s a very sensitive adjustment, and if the engine stops abruptly while driving, so does the pump.

Sharp turns

Making abrupt bends on a regular basis has an impact on your vehicle’s transmission system. It harms your engine and might cause the steering wheel to lock up while driving. The sharp bends may potentially cause your power steering pump to become clogged. So, if you can, make the bends slowly and softly to decrease the chances of your steering wheel locking up while driving.

Car ignition lock

The ignition might also become stuck. This is the scenario when your key is unable to switch on or off your engine. It’s a problem known to mechanics as “sudden lock up,” and it’s quite hazardous if it happens while you’re travelling at high speeds. Sudden ignition lock up is caused by a fatigue breakdown of the ignition system, so if you notice anything unusual about your ignition, call a car service professional as soon as possible.

What to do

As previously stated, there are three main causes of steering wheel lockup: using the wrong key, performing numerous fast turns, a power steering pump failure, or an ignition lock. Once you’ve figured out what’s causing the steering wheel to lock up, you need to move quickly to address the source of the problem. Here are some potential solutions to the concerns listed above.

If you have enough expertise to perform things yourself, all you need is a DIY guide; otherwise, you may hire the best car service and repair centres in Dubai to do the work for you.

Changing the Power Steering Pump

As previously said, incoming whining noises from the hood are one of the signs of a malfunctioning power steering pump. Consider replacing or fixing the power steering pump if you hear this. If you are skilled in mechanics, you can do the full work on your own. If not, consider calling help for your car repair on time. A customized pulley puller, rather than a standard one, will be required to repair the steering pump. You can easily avail this service from a professional car service center near you.

 Removing Debris from the Steering Column

Unwanted particles such as dirt, dust, and debris, among others, can clog the interior of the steering column. If you suspect this, you should remove them immediately to avoid additional problems.

Repairing or Replacing the Ignition Switch Cylinder

On the bright side, it is always advised to take your rigid steering wheel to a professional car care consultant in Dubai. The steering wheel lock is directly connected to the ignition cylinder. If you believe the steering wheel has been locked due to any issues with the cylinder, use your left hand to agitate the cylinder left and right in order to remove the lock. This is the simplest and most straightforward technique of inspecting the ignition cylinder. If the steering wheel still won’t unlock, consider replacing the ignition cylinder or consulting an auto specialist in Dubai.

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