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What to do when your car battery drops

What to do when your car battery drops
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What to do when your car battery drops

Imagine waiting in the parking lot for hours and the car won’t start the minute your friend steps in. Unfortunate right? We know the pain. Battery failure or loss of charge can be caused by a variety of reasons. A malfunctioning charging system, defective alternator, extreme temperature, worn out batteries and parasitic drains are the major reasons for a dead battery. Leaving your light ON overnight can also put your battery at risk. Jump starting the vehicle is the most common method to rule out any possible  mechanical issues. However it is preferable to have a professional examine the vehicle first.


When you turn on your vehicle’s ignition with either a key or a push-start button, short bursts of electrical energy are sent to the starting motor in order for it to turn the engine. This is powered by your battery. In most cases, your car’s battery has a 12-volt rating. The battery’s performance will be adversely affected by even a minor reduction in voltage. Charger takes over once the vehicle’s engine is running. The alternator, which maintains the battery’s charge, is at the centre of this charging system. 


Are all Car batteries created equal? Or are there differences?. Not all cars have the same battery. Battery size and ratings will be different for different manufacturers and models. Car batteries can be  broadly classified into 2 different categories – Wet Cell batteries and Valve Regulated Acid batteries. An electric or a hybrid car on the other hand uses a Lithium-Ion battery. Experts at Carcility can help you with the adequate car battery services and tips every now and then.


What determines how long a car battery will survive before it has to be replaced? Weather is an important factor which determines the durability of your car’s battery. Extreme heat and cold will reduce the battery’s life. High temperatures can cause battery fluid to evaporate, reducing the battery’s charging power and conductivity. The cold winter conditions put extra strain on your battery, causing it to deplete considerably faster than typical. If you’re constantly making short journeys, your battery won’t have time to fully recharge. Severe charge drains ( Parasitic drains) can happen if your automobile is   kept idle for weeks at a time without being used.. We should also ensure that the charging system is in good health. Your vehicle’s charging system ensures that your battery has the power it needs to engage the starter motor and also feed all other necessary units. Batteries that aren’t charged properly won’t be able to start a vehicle.


Car batteries that show indications of trouble may continue to deteriorate until they eventually stop working and leave you stranded. Driving a car with a dead battery won’t revive it. Even if the battery isn’t entirely fried, you may be able to jump-start the car and make it to your destination, but if the vehicle stalls, the battery isn’t likely to have enough energy to restart the engine. A vehicle’s alternator might be overworked if it has a dead or failing battery. As soon as a battery is drained, the alternator continues to try to recharge it, unaware that it is dead. If your alternator is old, a lengthy drive with a dead battery may cause it to fail.  Battery replacement is always advised, even if you are going straight home. 


So, at the end of the day, what is that essential tool you should have in your hands at the time of a battery drain? The answer is jumper cables. If you don’t already have jumper wires, get them right now! When you need to jump start your vehicle, nothing is worse than not having any cables accessible. Jumper cables are often a fairly inexpensive purchase, starting at meagre prices. Always remember, for things beyond the scope of a jumper, you should consult a professional car servicing or car repairing team.

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